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Disciple's Crosses™

Do you Believe In JESUS?

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Praise the Lord.
Give Thanks to the Lord, because He is Good,
His faithful love will last forever!

Psalm 106:1 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Have You Heard the Good News?

The Good News is the Gospel and it can
Literally Change your Life!

Please TURN ON Your Speakers and take a few minutes
to watch this video from Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie.

1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) written by Paul the Apostle
The Good News About Jesus Christ
1 Now, brothers and sisters, I want you to remember the Good News I told you. You received that Good News message, and you continue to base your life on it.
2 That Good News, the message you heard from me, is God’s way to save you. But you must continue believing it. If you don’t, you believed for nothing.
3 I gave you the message that I received. I told you the most important truths: that Christ died for our sins, as the Scriptures say;
4 that he was buried and was raised to life on the third day, as the Scriptures say;
5 and that he appeared to Peter and then to the twelve apostles.
6 After that Christ appeared to more than 500 other believers at the same time. Most of them are still living today, but some have died.
7 Then he appeared to James and later to all the apostles.
8 Last of all, he appeared to me. I was different, like a baby born before the normal time.
9 All the other apostles are greater than I am. I say this because I persecuted the church of God. That is why I am not even good enough to be called an apostle.
10 But, because of God’s grace, that is what I am. And his grace that he gave me was not wasted. I worked harder than all the other apostles. (But I was not really the one working. It was God’s grace that was with me.)
11 So then it is not important if I told you God’s message or if it was the other apostles who told you—we all tell people the same message, and this is what you believed.

John 3:16 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
For God So Loved the World
16 Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.
Let's be Thankful for the Grace, Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness that our Heavenly Father has for us and the Free Gift that He wants to give us... the Free Gift of Salvation and Eternal Life with Him that we can freely receive by His Grace through our Faith in Jesus Christ, because...
We have ALL been Born into Sin and
Fall Short of the Glory of God!
Examples of Sin:
Colossians 3:5-6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
5 So put everything evil out of your life: sexual sin, doing anything immoral, letting sinful thoughts control you, and wanting things that are wrong. And don’t keep wanting more and more for yourself, which is the same as worshiping a false god.
6 God will show his anger against those who don’t obey him, because they do these evil things.

Galatians 5:19-21 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
19 The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: committing sexual sin, being morally bad, doing all kinds of shameful things,
20 worshiping false gods, taking part in witchcraft, hating people, causing trouble, being jealous, angry or selfish, causing people to argue and divide into separate groups,
21 being filled with envy, getting drunk, having wild parties, and doing other things like this. I warn you now as I warned you before: The people who do these things will not have a part in God’s kingdom.
Since we all have been born into sin,
We ALL face Eternal Death in Hell
Revelation 21:8 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
8 But those who are cowards, those who refuse to believe, those who do terrible things, those who kill, those who sin sexually, those who do evil magic, those who worship idols, and those who tell lies—they will all have a place in the lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Mark 9:48 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
48 The worms that eat the people in hell never die. The fire there is never stopped.

God Made A Way For Us,
To Be

No matter what you've done,
you can be Cleansed of the Stain left by Sin.

God made a way to forgive us, and save us from everlasting punishment
so we can receive His plan for our lives.

Believe in Jesus!

Jesus answered,
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
The only way to the Father is through me.

John 14:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Invite Jesus into Your Life, Today!
Romans 10:9-13 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
9 If you openly say, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him from death, you will be saved.
10 Yes, we believe in Jesus deep in our hearts, and so we are made right with God. And we openly say that we believe in him, and so we are saved.
11 Yes, the Scriptures say, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be disappointed.”
12 It says this because there is no difference between those who are Jews and those who are not. The same Lord is the Lord of all people. And he richly blesses everyone who looks to him for help.
13 Yes, “everyone who trusts in the Lord will be saved.”

If you Believe Jesus Christ is your Lord & Savior, and you want to be SAVED and have Ever-Lasting Life in Heaven...

Pray this Simple Prayer from Your Heart:

Dear Heavenly Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected on the third day from the dead, is alive right now, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”

The moment you do this, God promises you are not condemned but have everlasting life and that you will never perish in Hell. I assure you, anyone who hears what I say and believes in the one who sent me has eternal life. They will not be judged guilty. They have already left death and have entered into life. John 5:24 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

You Cannot Get to Heaven Just By Being Good!
We cannot get to Heaven of our own accord or by the good deeds or works we do.

We can only get to Heaven by the Grace of God through our Faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:6-10 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
6 Yes, it is because we are a part of Christ Jesus that God raised us from death and seated us together with him in the heavenly places.
7 God did this so that his kindness to us who belong to Christ Jesus would clearly show for all time to come the amazing richness of his grace.
8 I mean that you have been saved by grace because you believed. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God.
9 You are not saved by the things you have done, so there is nothing to boast about.
10 God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do.
Welcome and may God Bless you! I would like to share with you my testimony of what Jesus has done for me and the Miraculous Loving Grace that our Heavenly Father is offering to All People around the world. No matter who you are, where you are or what you have done, Jesus Loves You and He wants you to turn to Him for your Salvation...

He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus), to die on the Cross for you and me. He then conquered death and sin by raising Him (Jesus), from the grave on the 3rd day. As a Faithful Believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior and since I have given my heart, mind, body, and soul to my Lord Jesus, that now through Him, I have been Saved by the Grace of God.

Ephesians 2:8-9
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
8 I mean that you have been saved by grace because you believed. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God.
9 You are not saved by the things you have done, so there is nothing to boast about.

Titus 2:11-12
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 That is the way we should live, because God’s grace has come. That grace can save everyone.
12 It teaches us not to live against God and not to do the bad things the world wants to do. It teaches us to live on earth now in a wise and right way—a way that shows true devotion to God.
I grew up in a loving family with wonderful parents and sisters. We attended church in my early years as a child, however situations in life and work got in the way and we stopped going to church on a regular basis. We did however, continue to go to church on major holidays and occasions and my parents still brought us up in a moral and ethical way. They knew and believed in Jesus, and they tried their best to teach us to live and to treat others appropriately.

During the early years of my childhood, even though I knew of Jesus and who He was and what He did for me, I didn't really know Him as I should have and I committed numerous sins.

Examples of Sin
Colossians 3:5-6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
5 So put everything evil out of your life: sexual sin, doing anything immoral, letting sinful thoughts control you, and wanting things that are wrong. And don’t keep wanting more and more for yourself, which is the same as worshiping a false god.
6 God will show his anger against those who don’t obey him, because they do these evil things.

Galatians 5:19-21 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
19 The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: committing sexual sin, being morally bad, doing all kinds of shameful things,
20 worshiping false gods, taking part in witchcraft, hating people, causing trouble, being jealous, angry or selfish, causing people to argue and divide into separate groups,
21 being filled with envy, getting drunk, having wild parties, and doing other things like this. I warn you now as I warned you before: The people who do these things will not have a part in God’s kingdom.

During my first marriage, my first wife and I gave our hearts to our Lord Jesus, I'm not exactly sure of the date, but I think it was around October of 1978.

However, after giving our hearts to Jesus, we both failed at following Jesus and allowing Him into our lives like we should have.

I was not living my life in accordance or in fellowship with my Lord Jesus. I was a horrible person who angered easily, used extensive profanity, had thoughts of lust and at times desired to have the same things that other people had, which is considered coveting. I committed acts of deception, lies, theft, and hatred.

There were times I was angered and felt a sense of hatred, as I'm sure we all have at one time or another, whether it be toward a sibling or someone at school for something they said or did, and we would feel this anger to the point that we would have a strong sense of hatred towards them. Well, in the eyes of God, having the feeling of hatred towards someone, for any reason, is the same as committing the sin of murder.

As far as the lies, deception and theft, I have lied numerous times to get out of situations that I got in to in order to minimize the consequence. We all have told a lie at some point in our lives. Even when telling the truth about something, if you only tell part of the truth and hold back on telling it all, that is a form of deception/lie.

As far as the theft, we have all done it to some extent. I started young. I was about 5 or 6 or when I stole a box of crayons from the store and when we got home my mother asked me were I got them, because she did not buy them and they were brand new. I told her a lady at the store gave them to me. Wow, a lie and an act of theft all in one shot.

My mother did not drive so she got my aunt to take us back to the department store and she marched me right in to the security office and told me to tell them what I did.

I was scared to death and after I did that she even made me give back the box of crayons. Boy, that made me mad. I had a lecture from the security officer and he let me go.

We need to realize that the act of theft or stealing is taking something that does not belong to us and keeping it. It is also the act of finding something that is not ours and instead of trying to find the person who it belongs to, we instead make the decision to keep it. That is a form of theft/stealing because we are taking and keeping something that does not belong to us.

There were other times such as when you find something that is not yours and you keep it. We have all done it, especially as children when we find something that someone had set down or forgot where they put it and we pick it up and then they say, "hey that is mine, give it back" and we say, "nope finders keepers, loser weepers." Just doing something as simple as that, is considered STEALING. And STEALING in the eyes of God is a sin.

During my first marriage, there was a lot on anger in me because life was not going the way I wanted it to go. I took a lot of my anger out on my sons. I remember there were times when I would yell and curse at them, and even gave them a good beating for things they did, but, I was blowing the situation totally out of proportion because they were never bad enough to deserve how I treated them. They were only acting like normal little boys.

Because I failed as a father and a husband to bring my family up in a Christian environment my first marriage ended in divorce.

I walked out on my first wife and my sons due to financial, martial and infidelity problems. My sons suffered a great deal due to my actions and the divorce and for that I am truly sorry, because a lot of their suffering is the result of my sin of anger (outbursts of wrath), selfish ambitions, covetousness, idolatry, envy, etc.

I did however reconcile with my first wife during our separation and we decided to become friends again and to get through the divorce as peaceably as possible. We remained friends until her death on 6/20/2015 due to health related problems. She is greatly loved and missed by me and all who knew her.

I remarried a second time and I thought this marriage was going to lead me into a better life. Boy was I wrong. the marriage lasted 1 year and 3 months and financially wiped me out and put me into serious debt.

In 1999, after my second divorce, I was introduced to the internet and became addicted to it and I tried to make extra money at home like a lot of other people were trying to do in the beginning. It became an idol to me for many years as I tried to find ways to make that almighty dollar.

I had my own adult sites that I tried to sell all kinds of stuff to satisfy the human urges of sexual lust. Made no money with this one. I closed it down after a year and a half.

I also had a gambling website that lured people into the sin of online gambling. Made some money with this, but I closed this down when the government announced that it was going to make online gambling in the US illegal.

It was during this time, while I was living in Florida that I came to know a very wonderful and beautiful Christian woman, whom I had met online. Upon meeting her numerous times and getting to know her and falling in love with her, I decided it was time for a major change in my life.
Jesus brings a wonderful women into my life and answers numerous prayers.
In 2007, I made the move from Florida, to live in New Hampshire so I could start my life over with a very wonderful and beautiful Christian woman, who would become my soul-mate in Christ, my best friend, my partner and companion and my lover.

She had also gone through a divorce and in our conversations and meeting have fallen in love and made the decision to be together.

During our first several years together we we not living as God wanted us to, because we were living together as girlfriend and boyfriend. We had other family members living with us and I was working at a job that I was not happy with and that did not pay enough to cover our expenses properly.

We were experiencing a lot of troublesome situations and since we were not following God as we should have and since I did not do my part in seeking God for help, guidance and assistance, like I should have, I was misguided and mislead by outside influences and I made a very wrong and hurtful decision to leave my girlfriend in her time of need.

I left her and moved to New Jersey to be with my sons. On my way to NJ she continued to call me on the phone to find out where I was because I did not come home that dreadful day after work. I was a coward and ran off. I finally answered one of her calls and she pleaded over and over for me to come back home, but through my self-centered foolishness I refused.

I was totally wrong in what I did and how I did it. I hurt her and myself very much and I will regret it for the rest of my life.

During the 8 months that I was away, she continued to stay in touch with me. In the beginning I kept trying to push her away. I am so very thankful to my Lord Jesus that He kept her determined and focused on not giving up on me.

Each time she contacted me I could feel Jesus touching my heart and softening it to be more acceptable to wanting to be with her again. I was becoming less aggravated and angry over the things that I could not change and realizing that I needed God back in my life and that the only way to change the things that needed to be changed was through Jesus, plus I wanted to be with her again.

One day when she called, we were talking about getting back together and that it would be best to move back to New Hampshire, since we could not afford to move to NJ. The cost of living in NJ was just too much for the job I was looking into getting. She said she wanted to get back together the right way in God's eyes and that if we were to live together again we would have to get married first.

I was in total agreement with her because this is what I wanted as well, and I said YES, let's do this now, the right way, in the eyes of Our Lord. So I said let's get married. We knew that there would be some people in my family that would not be in agreement with this, but that would have to be their problem.

In a matter of 3 weeks she made all the arrangements for our wedding and honeymoon and made the bridal parties gowns and made matching vests for her grandsons who were in the wedding procession.

My wife and I have given our hearts and our lives over to Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and our lives have been truly blessed.

I Experienced and Felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit.
We are currently members of a great Christian Church and we are members of the Prayer Team, which meets once a week and prays for anyone who has a prayer request along with praying for our Prayer Team Members, our Church Leaders, our Congregation and community and any special needs we may have ourselves.

During one of our Prayer Sessions as I was Praying for help with some financial concerns that my wife and I were having because my employment was going through some new ownership issues and hours where being cut, that some of our Prayer Team Members came a stood behind me and laid their hands on my shoulders and back as we all prayed.

As I placed my left hand on one of the members hands who had placed his hand on my right shoulder, I felt a definite Sensation move from his hand into my right shoulder and I could actually feel it slowly move down from my right shoulder into the right side of my chest. It then moved into the center of my chest area and once it was in the center of my chest I felt a warm calming tingling vibrating sensation, sort of like a strong breeze move throughout my entire chest cavity and it grew and consumed my entire chest area.

This warm calming tingling vibrating sensation was very noticeable and hard to explain, but it was very distinct and it was real.

As I was feeling the Presence of the Holy Spirit I started to pray and cry as the Holy Spirit was taking over.

The experience was very beautiful and is kind of over whelming to know that God Himself actually touch me with his Holy Spirit.

Since then, a lot of things have been happening that I can only say are true blessings in my life and my wife's.

My attitude is a lot calmer. I don't feel as stressed about situations like I use to, especially in the area of finances.

I have a complete sense of calmness and stronger feelings of love and compassion for others knowing that God is actually within me and I feel completely confident in knowing that God Himself is in control of my life, and that is a beautiful thing to know and experience.

I feel as if I know have a closer and more personal relationship with my Lord and Savoir Jesus Himself and I feel His Presence within me at all times.

I find myself in just about any situation, asking Him how I should handle the situation.

I also find myself, when I slip and fall into negative or sinful behavior, such as when I slip and use inappropriate language which still happens from time to time, but not as frequent as it used to, I find myself feeling convicted immediately and I feel ashamed that I said or did something that was sinful.

I then notice that little voice, also known as that (still small voice) within me telling me that what I just did, said or thought was wrong and I need to ask for forgiveness right away.

I know that little voice that we feel is God talking to us and we need to listen to Him.
Believe in Jesus!

Jesus answered,
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
The only way to the Father is through me.

John 14:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus), to die on the Cross for me and you. He then conquered death and sin by raising Him (Jesus), from the grave on the 3rd day.

As a Faithful Believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior and since I have given my heart, mind, body, and soul to my Lord Jesus, that now through Him, I have been Saved by the Grace of God.

Titus 2:11-12 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 That is the way we should live, because God’s grace has come. That grace can save everyone.
12 It teaches us not to live against God and not to do the bad things the world wants to do. It teaches us to live on earth now in a wise and right way—a way that shows true devotion to God.

John 3:16 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
16 Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.

John 3:17 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 God sent his Son into the world. He did not send him to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him.

Jesus not only saved me from the eternal fires of hell and being separated from Him for all eternity, He also saved me from living a life going down the wrong path towards destruction of my soul. He saved me from eternal sin, pain, suffering, despair, sorrow, guilt, anger, hardship and so much more.

I re-confirmed my faith and re-committed my heart again by being baptized on Palm Sunday 4/9/2017 with my current wife Nancy.

I am thankful that in giving my heart to my Lord and asking Jesus to come into my life as my Lord and Savior that I have been forgiven for my sins and wrong doings. I have become a New Creation in Christ and through the Power of the Spirit of God that now dwells within me, He (Jesus) is transforming me into the person He wants me to be. I look forward to and welcome the continued transformation that Jesus in making within me.

2 Corinthians 5:17-18 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world. The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new!
18 All this is from God. Through Christ, God made peace between himself and us. And God gave us the work of bringing people into peace with him.

Galatians 5:22-26 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
22 But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person’s life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these kinds of things.
24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their sinful self. They have given up their old selfish feelings and the evil things they wanted to do.
25 We get our new life from the Spirit, so we should follow the Spirit.
26 We must not feel proud and boast about ourselves. We must not cause trouble for each other or be jealous of each other.

All Things Made New
Revelation 21:1-8 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
1. Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The first heaven and the first earth had disappeared. Now there was no sea.
2 And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. It was prepared like a bride dressed for her husband.
3 I heard a loud voice from the throne. It said, “Now God’s home is with people. He will live with them. They will be his people. God himself will be with them and will be their God.
4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain. All the old ways are gone.”
5 The one who was sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this, because these words are true and can be trusted.”
6 The one on the throne said to me, “It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give free water from the spring of the water of life to anyone who is thirsty.
7 All those who win the victory will receive all this. And I will be their God, and they will be my children.
8 But those who are cowards, those who refuse to believe, those who do terrible things, those who kill, those who sin sexually, those who do evil magic, those who worship idols, and those who tell lies—they will all have a place in the lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
You Have a Decision to Make!
Don't Wait until it's TOO Late!
I highly recommend that you take the time to learn more about Jesus and how He wants to Bless you and Help you. Ask Him into your life as your Lord and Savior and then start building a Relationship with your Heavenly Father. Get to know Him through reading His Words found in the Holy Bible. Love Him, Trust in Him, Believe in Him, have Faith in Him and all that He wants to do for you.

We all have the Free Will to make the Free Choice to Accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and repent from our sins and ask to be forgiven, and then by the Grace of our Heavenly Father, we can be Saved from the Punishment that we so rightly deserve to receive because of our sinful nature.
The choice is yours to make, so choose wisely.
It is a matter of Eternal Life or Eternal Death.
I made my decision and I accepted Jesus as My Lord and Savior, and I Love Him with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I will Love Him, Worship Him, Praise Him and Glorify Him for ALL Eternity.

We have ALL been Born into Sin and Fall Short of the Glory of God! However... God Made a Way For Us, to be Forgiven! No matter what you've done, you can be Cleansed of the Stain left by Sin.

God LOVES Us so much that He gave His Son to Die for Us, as payment for our sins.

I would like to share with you below, some situations in my life that I have come to realize that Jesus was always with me, helping me and assisting me. He is with each and every one of us at all times, even when we are not with Him. He is waiting for us to reach out to Him and He will be there for us.

The events listed below are not in any chronological order. They are listed as I remembered them when writing them.

Jesus answered my prayer when I was a young child.
I remember when I was around the age of 11 or 12 and I had bought a TV with some money from a paper route that I had and I thought that was one of the greatest things, was to have my own TV in my bed room.

Anyway, the TV in our family room stopped working and we took the TV that I had in my bedroom and put it in the family room until my dad could get the family TV fixed or replaced.

One night we went to my Grandmothers house for dinner which was just around the corner from where we lived, about 5 minutes away, and when we came home my dad went into the house first and when he walked in towards the back of the house through the kitchen (we lived in a 3-bedroom ranch house), he noticed the back door was open a few inches.

Upon going through the house he noticed his plectron which was used to monitor fire and police calls, (he was a volunteer fireman), was unplugged and the table my TV was on, was now empty.

This occurred during the winter and there was snow on the ground. My parents called the police and they discovered during their investigation that the back window to our basement was kicked in and there where footprints going out our back door through the snow into the woods that was behind our house.

Apparently, when we came home and when my dad went into the house he must have scared off the burglar because he only took the TV and was in the process of getting ready to take some of our other appliances.

Anyway, I was heart broken because my TV that I worked hard to get and had paid for out of my own money was now gone. I remember going into my bedroom and laying on the bottom bed of my bunk beds and I literally cried out to Jesus and asked why did this happen. I also cried and prayed to Him saying that I knew that if we only had a dog this could have been prevented, and I prayed if He could provide us with a dog so that this would not happen again.

About a week later, I was in the backyard with my dad and my sisters and we were putting wax on the runners to our sleds because my dad was going to take us down to the golf course where there was a big hill that everyone in town went to, to go sledding down.

While we were doing this a large black dog (it turned out to be a Labrador mix) came into the backyard and was trying to eat the wax candles that we were using to put wax on the sled runners.

We tried to chase the dog away, we did not know who this dog belonged to or where it came from. My mom got a pan of hot water and threw at it, but it dodged it and kept coming back to us. It wasn't nasty or biting, it just kept trying to get the candles that we had in our hands because it was hungry.

We did not know that at the time. My mom then tossed a hamburger to the dog and it ate it up before it hit the ground. That's when we realized it was hungry. My parents decided to give it some food and it became a family pet and stayed with us till it died quite a few years later. We named her Fifi.

God knew of a boy and a family that needed a dog and He knew of a dog in the area that needed a family, and He brought us all together. I look back at that time and I still thank my Good Lord, Jesus for answering my prayer.

Jesus watched over me and brought me back to my family.
This next period in my life is still to this day, hard to explain why I did what I did. I had a great childhood with wonderful parents who were very understanding, loving and fair. I was not having any problems at home or in school. My grades were average, (B's and C's and an occasional A thrown in the mix).

I had a decent job, friends and things were pretty good. But for some unknown reason I got mixed up with I guess the wrong crowd and was partly influenced into making a bunch of wrong decisions.

It was back in 1974 and into 1975, I had the long hair, listened to rock and hard rock music, the type all parents back then could not understand why we listened to all that so called screaming that we called singing. I was into Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf, Mott the Hoople, etc. However, I did not like Black Sabbath or those other so called Satanic or demonizing types of groups.

I was in my senior year of high school and at the end of my membership in the 4-H club of square dancing. Yup, I was a long haired, rock and roll music lover who square danced, and I enjoyed every minute of it. We even had competitions with other clubs and had won several local and state competitions. I had joined the club back when I was about 11 or 12 years old and had met many good friends. (my sisters were also members). Membership ended at the age of 18, and then if you wanted to continue, you had to become a leader instead of just a member. I did not continue.

I did however continue to have a friendship with some members who, my mother at the time did not feel comfortable with. I was going over to their house several times week to play cards. There was quite a few of us who gathered together to just hang out. We played solitaire and poker at times, but we did not play for money, we didn't drink, and we didn't do any kind of drugs.

My mom did not feel they were a good influence and would often tell me she wished I would find other people to hang out with. I told her they were ok and that we never did anything to get in trouble for. But she still had that motherly instinct that something wasn't right. I look back on it now and I wish I had listened to her.

One of the friends in our group was having big problems with their father and aunt. Her father was divorced and her mother was living in Florida at the time and she was living with her sister, father and aunt.

I remember her saying that her mother wanted her to come and live with her in Florida and that she needed a way to get there.

I don't remember if she asked me to take her, or if I offered, but either way, we made the decision to go to Florida. I did not take into consideration the effects of what my decision would have on my family, friends and myself.

It was all pretty much a spur of the moment type of thing. There was no real planning and no fore thought. We decided we would leave the next day.

This was mid February 1975 and in my senior year of high school. I took my little sister to school and dropped her off and left to go pick up my friend at the time at a local laundromat. We headed off to Florida without telling anyone we were going.

I was given the address to her mother's house in Florida but other than that, I had no idea where we were going since this was the first time I had ever driven long distance. I just knew to head south.

3 days later we arrived at her mothers house in Clearwater, Florida. When we got there, they had me park the car in their garage and to get into the house. They weren't mad at us, but they were concerned and glad that we were ok because for the last 3 days, both of our families were extremely distraught about where we were and if we were ok.

They said there was a 13 start alarm out to the authorities about us as runaways, and that we were probably headed to Florida, because when I picked her up at the laundromat there was a person there who knew her family and told them they saw us leaving together that morning and that her mother had been in contact with her about moving to Florida.

They contacted her father and aunt and told them we were there in Florida and we were ok. I was told it was time for me to leave and that they were going to be sending her back to her father's so she could finish high school.

It turned out that her mother did not want her to move to Florida under these circumstances, but that she wanted her to wait until she finished high school first, and in the meantime they would work things out between her and her aunt.

I left that same day we got there and I decided to go to Ocala. I knew I had an aunt (one of my my mother's sisters), and uncle living there. However, I had no idea where in Ocala, they were. I had no address, no phone number and was clueless of how big Ocala was, since I had never been there before.

I also did not want to call my parents at this time because I was starting to realize the pain and horror they must have been going through by not knowing for 3 days were I was and if I was ok.

For the first time I was starting to feel like crap for hurting my family and for doing what was TOTALLY Stupid and Immature.

As I was driving towards Ocala, I remember asking God to help me find a way to find out where my aunt and uncle were. I was told before I left Clearwater that they had been notified that we were probably headed to Florida.

As I arrived into Ocala, I was sitting at a red light and I noticed a man on the other side of the intersection at a gas station, jumping up and down and waving his arms in the air like a maniac. I was thinking to myself that Ocala must have some crazy nuts and this was one of them.

As I looked more closely at this crazy guy I realized that it was my uncle and he was trying to get my attention. WOW, thank you Lord Jesus for watching over me and answering my prayers.

When the light turned green I pulled into the gas station and we hugged. My uncle is an Italian and he comes from a loving and caring family and they do a lot of hugging when they meet people. He told me my parents were distraught with worry and that I was welcome to come and stay with them and that when we got to his home I was going to call my parents to tell them where I was and that I was ok.

That's when it really hit me. I made a big mistake and I was not looking forward to this phone call because I was anticipating to get the riot act and a lot of questions of why I did this, and I really did not know how to answer some of the questions I was expecting to get asked. Plus, I was not looking forward to or prepared to face the anger that I thought I was going to receive.

When we got to my uncle's house I met my aunt and cousin. We then called my parents and told them I was ok and they were very relieved. I was surprised that I did not receive the riot act from my parents. Instead they were very understanding and loving in knowing that I was alright. We talked for a little while and they said they would be coming down to Florida soon for a vacation.

During the 2 months that I stayed with my aunt and uncle, I helped my uncle in his carpet cleaning business, started to go to classes for my GED Diploma since I was missing out on my 3rd semester at high school and I got a part-time job at a local theater as an usher. Also in my spare time I started to read the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

During Easter vacation my parents and my sisters came to Florida for 2 weeks. They brought down their Tag-a-Long trailer and stayed at my aunt and uncles. During that time we had some discussions on what my plans were such as finishing school, possible college, etc.

My parents never tried to insist on my going back home to finish school. They pretty much left the decision to me and hoped for the best.

A few days before my parents and sisters were to leave to go back to NJ, I asked my parents if I could go back with them in order to pick up where we left off, and to try to get back to finishing my education and looking for work.

They were over-joyed and said yes and they were extremely happy in my wanting me to come back home with them.

The first day after we all returned to NJ, while I was trying to figure out the next steps in putting my life back together, my dad came home from work and said to me that I needed to go to my high school and have a talk with the principle.

My dad, apparently went to the school and had a talk with the school secretary and principle about what had happened and they told him to tell me to come in and talk with them.

I knew the principle pretty good and he knew of me because his daughter was in some of my classes and we had worked on some science projects together in previous years of high school.

Anyway, I was quite nervous about going in to talk with them, because by this time, I had missed my entire 3rd quarter of high school, but I am very glad that my dad went in and opened the door for what turned out to be a very positive turning point to my life.

The next day I went to the school and I entered the principles office. He shook my hand and asked how things were going and then he asked me to explain in my own words what happened.

I told him and he sat there and looked at me, making me more nervous, and when I was done he told me about my dad's visit.

He said he told my dad he knew of me quite well and he knew that I had never been in trouble or had any bad experiences in school and that my grades were average.

He then told me something that shocked me. He said he had talked with all my teachers and the other school officials about my situation and they all agreed to allow me back into school the next day and that they would calculate my final grade average based on my first, second and fourth quarter grades.

He said they were going to wipe out my entire 3rd quarter from my records and this would allow me to still be able to graduate on time with my class as if I had never missed a day.

I was so relieved. I remember thanking God for watching over me and giving me another chance, even though I did not have Jesus in my life as I should have at this time, He was still there for me and I believed He was doing marvelous things for me.

I also thanked my mom and dad for all they have done and I finally graduated with a (b - c) average.

After I graduated, I went on to 2 years at our local college, got married and my dad helped me get a part-time job with him in the theaters as a projectionist at night. After college I got a full-time job during the day at the court house with a title search company, and I continued working nights at the theaters.

I look back on this time in my life and I thank the Good Lord Jesus, for helping me through this time in my life when I had totally messed things up.

I also thank the Good Lord Jesus for blessing me with such wonderful, loving, compassionate and understanding parents, who gave all they had to raise me and my sisters. They loved us no matter what we did, they guided us in our decision making, and they were there for us when we messed things up.

Even though my parents may not have known it at the time, I feel that Jesus was guiding them in raising us because He knows what's in a persons heart.

My parents showed us how to treat and care for others by showing respect and consideration at all times, they gave us unconditional love, and they forgave us for the things we did wrong.

My parents were the best parents a child could have, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for me.

Jesus saved me from serious injury.
During a time of disarray in my life, I had a job as a commercial bus driver, driving commuters to NYC in the morning so they could go to work and then Home in the afternoon.

During this one particular day, I was a designated drivers bus, that took drivers from our terminal in NJ to the holding lot where our drivers would park their buses after their morning runs and would wait until they had to start their afternoon runs taking commuter home for the day.

I was at a traffic light waiting for the light to turn green. I was in the lane to go straight and on my left was the left turn only lane with a tractor trailer truck next to me. When the left turn only light came on so the tractor trailer next to me could make his left turn, he decided he did not want to go left, and he decided to go straight. I still had a red light so I could not go anywhere.

As he proceeded to go straight he had to turn slightly toward me to get himself into the lane that I was in to proceed forward.

As he was slowly moving forward, I noticed the side of the 45 foot trailer he was pulling was moving closer to the front driver side corner of my bus. The side view mirror of our buses where on swivel arms so I opened my side window to pull the side-view mirror in towards the side of my bus so the trailer would not hit my mirror as he passed.

Just as I place my hand on the outside edge of the mirror the one driver that I had on my bus that I was taking to the holding lot so he could get his bus so he could start his run for the evening that he stood up and yelled at me to get my arm in the window.

It was the type of yell that would startle you and that's just what it did. it startled me and I immediately pulled my left arm back into the window.

Just as I pulled my arm back into the bus, the side of the trailer that the truck was pulling hit my side view mirror and side-swiped my bus. It shook the entire bus and felt like an earthquake. My front driver side windshield cracked and the left front corner frame of the bus was slightly bent out of shape.

My side view mirror opened up a gap in the side of the trailer that was about half the length of the 45 foot trailer. I was continually pressing on the horn of the bus trying to get the attention of the truck driver, but he was too far forward to hear the horn and at an angle that he could not see what was happening.

The other driver that was with me, called dispatch and they called the police. They found the truck driver a few blocks away and when they pulled him over and told him he side-swiped somebody he did not believe it, until he saw the gap torn in the side of his trailer.

I know my Lord Jesus was with me that day, just like He is everyday, but on this day He really saved me from a horrific disaster, that could have resulted in my left arm being torn off at the elbow.

I know this because as a drivers bus taking drivers from our main terminal in NJ to the holding lot to get their buses so they can start their runs taking commuters home from NYC, we normally have several drivers on the bus and they are usually talking among themselves and not paying much attention to what is going on around them.

On this day, I had 1 driver on the bus and he was watching what was going on. As soon as he saw what was going to happen, he jumped up and yelled for me to get my arm back in the window.

I know that if I had more drivers on the bus and if they where talking as usual among themselves, they probably would not have seen what was about to happen and I would have lost my arm at the elbow.

Jesus, knew what was going to happen that day and He made sure I had 1 driver who was going to be paying attention, so He could use that driver to warn me of the danger that was going to occur.

I look back on that day from time to time and I thank my Lord Jesus for being there for me, on that day.

Jesus saved me from another serious disaster.
There was a few more times that I remember, where Jesus saved me from potential disasters.

One time while I was a tour bus driver, I was driving a group non-stop from NYC to Quebec, Canada. This trip was schedule to leave NYC at 10 PM, and I was to drive all night, but we ran late because the group was not ready on time.

I was looking at an 8 to 9 hour run that was supposed to go non-stop to our destination in Canada. As I was driving I must have zoned out or dozed off while going up the interstate and all I remember was seeing the road had a slight bend and I was still going straight. I turned the wheel quickly and I remember hitting the rumble strip and looking over the edge of the road and seeing tree tops.

This jarred some of the passengers who were sleeping and they asked if everything was ok, and I said yes, things are just fine. But they weren't really fine. It scared the daylights out of me that I had almost drove the entire bus of about 40 passengers including myself, over a cliff.

We where a few miles south of the Canadian border and it was almost 7 AM when this happened and I have been driving since 8 PM the night before, because I had left my terminal the night before at 8 PM to go to NYC to pick up the group and left NYC at midnight, about 2 hours behind schedule.

I remembered there was a place at the next exit where I had stopped with other trips where you could get some coffee and I decided to stop for a 15 to 20 minute rest before crossing into Canada.

As I pulled off at the exit, the group leader asked me what I was doing and I said I was taking a short safety strop, and the told me we were supposed to be going non-stop. I told her I was stopping and that was that.

After we had stopped, I thought back to what happened and I thanked Jesus for waking me and saving me from the disaster that could have occurred.

We got back on the road and we reached our destination safely, at 3 PM after an unplanned stop that the group leader notified me about on the way, that they wanted to make. I had been up and driving from 8PM Wednesday night to 3PM Thursday afternoon.

This trip turned out to be a success, because Jesus was with me and guiding me along the way. Thank you Jesus.

Jesus saved me from serious injury or possible death in a horrible accident.
Another time that my Lord Jesus saved me from a life-threatening disaster was when I was working as an independent operator for Fed/Ex. My route that I had over the first couple of years had grown from 4 towns to 6 towns.

At that time, I live an hours ride from the terminal where I kept my truck, and the route I covered was a hours ride from the terminal as well.

During this particular time, management was trying to get the corporate management to down size my route from the 130 to 140 deliveries a day I was doing to the standard 80 to 90 deliveries a day, where it should have been. I was also delivering approximately 350 to 400 packages a day.

I was notifying my management that I was almost on a daily basis, zoning out while drive my car to and from work. I was going in to the terminal at 5AM to help finish loading my truck for the day deliveries and I was returning to the terminal around 7 to 8:30 PM on a regular basis.

Numerous times I found my self bouncing into the grass median on one of the 4 lane highways going to the terminal.

I was just plain burning out. During the last 6 to 8 months before my catastrophe, corporate was not approving any of the redistricting plans my management was proposing to them for downsizing my route.

I remember that on April 27th 2000, I was leaving the terminal a little after 8PM and I was going to go to my fathers for his birthday before going home. I never made it.

While traveling on one of the 4 lane highways that I had to use, I found myself going about 50 - 55 mph and just in front of me, about one and a half tractor trailers lengths away was a pick-up truck doing zero at a red light.

I was in the far left lane of this 4 lane highway with a concrete barrier on my left and cars on my right. I put on my brakes as hard as I could and tried to maneuver my car in between the concrete median and the pick up truck.

I didn't quite make it and the passenger side headlight and side of my car hit the left driver side bumper area of the pick up truck, sending the rear of the pick up truck slightly up into the air as hit pushed the hood of my car from the front passenger side of the car towards the and tearing down the front passenger side quarter panel of my car.

The front of my car at impact slid real nicely under the bumper of the pick up truck because I was driving a 1996 Camaro with the sloped down front end.

Anyway, nobody got hurt and as I waited for the police I realized that if I had hit the pick up truck square in the rear end like I would have done, if the Good Lord had not brought me out of my zoned out state that I must have fallen into just before impact, that I would have been decapitated on impact.

I remember going through the intersecting just before the intersection where accident happened and in that short period of time I must have zoned out from being over-tired and over worked, but my Lord Jesus saved me in the nick of time by bringing me back to reality guided me to safety.

This was a big learning experience that showed me that Jesus was looking after me and protecting me from a complete disaster. I never would have survived, if it was not for Jesus being there to save me.

Even though I still had the accident, I know that Jesus wanted me to learn from this and the other experiences that I have had in my life, that He was there for me and that He loved me unconditionally, even while I was not following Him and trusting in Him, as I should have, so that I would learn that no matter what, he would be there for me under any situation and that I could always count on Him to be there for me when I needed Him so that in time, I would learn to turn to Him and to accept Him as my Lord and Savior and to turn my life over to Him for my complete salvation.

And that is what I did. A few years after this, I asked Jesus to come into my life as my Lord and Savior and to forgive me for my sins and to teach me, lead me and guide me along His path for my life.

Jesus saved me from my addiction to nicotine through smoking.
At the age of 18 I started to ugly habit of smoking. Over the years as I got older I tried numerous ways to quit. I tried the gum, hypnosis several times, the fake cigarettes etc., but nothing worked.

Finally after 29 years of smoking, Jesus finally saved me. Starting in July 2004 and I was having a problem with swollen glands in the side of my neck, and I could feel what felt like a lump in my throat.

I went to the local clinic and they ran several tests and they all came back negative, but the female doctor that was taking care of me finally told me when I asked her what she though it could be and she said it MIGHT be throat cancer, but more tests were going to be needed.

They gave me a 14 day prescription of antibiotics and told me to come back in 14 days.

As I left the office I was horrified and scared to death. I did not know what I was going to do if I really did have throat cancer.

After I got home that day, I went on the computer and I looked up the symptoms for throat cancer and it seemed that I had them all. Now the feelings of desperation and fear really started to set in.

After the 14 days there was no changes in my condition and I was really starting to worry more so I went to the emergency room and asked them to find out what was wrong.

They set me up to see an ear, nose and throat specialist and it was another week and a half before I could get the appointment.

When I went in to see the specialist, he looked deep down into my throat area whit a big bright light and did a few other tests and finally he sat down on his chair with wheels and rolled himself against the wall on the other side of the room.

He then proceeded to write on his pad and this was making me very nervous.

He then looked up at me as said, "From what I see, there is No Sign of cancer and You DO NOT have throat cancer".

I felt a great sign of relief. He then told me that my throat was raw and burned and that the swelling of the glands on the side of my throat was a reaction to the rawness in my throat.

He then asked me about my living conditions and I told him where I was living, in a small redneck trailer built back in the early 1970's, with my sister at the time. This was during a time after the divorce from my second wife and I lost my contract with FedEx due to the accident with my Camaro in April 2000. I moved to Florida and moved in with my sister to start life over.

Anyway, he felt my symptoms were more of a reaction to black mold and that my smoking had ignited a very serious burning reaction.

He then said the following, he said, "However if you DO NOT QUIT smoking NOW, you WILL HAVE throat cancer".

That hit me like a ton of bricks, because every day since I went to the clinic about 3 weeks earlier, I was on a daily basis, trying to smoke less. Each night I would take the cigarettes I had left and tore them in half and threw them in the garbage and I would tell myself I was done smoking.

Then, each day after I woke up, I would make it to about lunch time then the urge and cravings got to me and I would go out and buy another pack and I would tell myself just smoke one to relieve the urge and anxiety. I ended up smoking about 6 to 8 during the course of the day and then at night before going to bed I did the same thing. Tore them up, threw them out and said I'm Done.

Also during this time I was doing a lot of daily praying to God, more than once a day, to help me to finally become a non-smoker and to prevent me from having throat cancer.

After the doctor said those words to me "However if you DO NOT QUIT smoking NOW, you WILL HAVE throat cancer", I left his office and I had about 6 cigarettes in my pocket. I took them out, tore them up and I never touched another cigarette again. That was on 8/14/2004.

I have thank the Good Lord Jesus for helping me through this time and for saving me from my addiction to cigarettes and nicotine which is one of the tools that Satan uses to destroy mankind.

Jesus provides me with a wonderful job
Going back to when my wife and I had gotten married and I was in need of looking for a new job I had a couple of job opportunities that I applied for and the second one after I had the interview I felt very good about.

I remember saying to my wife that this is the job that I hope I get.

When we had returned home, I went out on the side of our house where we have a little hill and a clearing where I cut up pallets that we use in our wood stove for heating our house in the winter.

This was in October of 2013, and I remember as I was cutting some of the pallets I actually started to cry out to Jesus by praying to Him that this interview that I had gone on would materialize into the job that He wanted me to receive.

For about a half hour or so, I was actually in tears crying to Jesus asking Him that if this was His Will then it would be so and that I would be so very thankful and grateful to Him if I received this opportunity. I was crying and praising Him all at the same time.

Well, Jesus responded and answered my prayers. My wife came out to the end of our farmers porch and yelled out to me that there was a phone call for me and it was the job that I had just had the interview for. The same one that I was just crying out to Jesus for.

The caller asked if I was still interested in the job opening and I said yes. He then asked when can I start and I said, anytime, when do you want me to start, and he said how about tomorrow. I said yes, that would be perfect.

I hung up the phone and my wife and I hugged and cried, because our prayers where answered. This all happened within about 45 minutes to an hour after returning home and my crying out to Jesus on the hill.

Psalm 34:17 in the New International Version (NIV) says: The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.

This job has been a real blessing to my wife and I. The pay has been pretty good and it is only a 12 to 13 minute drive from our home, but in the last year it has seen it's ups and downs. The owner has sold and merged the business with some other businesses within a holding company.

This past year we have seen about 17 to 20 employees get laid-off and hours throughout the company have been cut from 40 to 30 and 35 in some departments.

I run the shipping department and I am the only shipper. I have been fortunate in that my department in the beginning of the hourly cutbacks has stayed at a minimum of 40 hours, which is ok, but still makes it tough for paying bills and the extras that need to be paid, especially when we had gotten used to unlimited overtime and sometimes a minimum of 5 to 10 hours overtime on a pretty consistent basis.

Overtime this past year over-time has been non-existent.

During February and March of 2016, I started to look for other job opportunities because of the uncertainty of what was happening with our company and not know where it was heading as far as long term operations.

Also during this time, my supervisor informed me that he had to cut my hours to 30 per week. I told him I could not survive financially on that. He did come back to me about an hour later to tell me all he can do was to give me 35 hours. I told him that was still not good enough.

My wife's nephew works at a local Distribution center about a mile from where we live and he told me they where hiring. So I looked at the offers that I would qualify for and contacted him about the details of the positions before I applied.

I found that the shipping and receiving positions worked on a quota basis and the requirements where far more that I would have been able to handle. They required a person to load a minimum of 400 to 600 packages per hour ranging from 2 lbs to 75 lbs into a tractor trailer stacking them loose from floor to ceiling front to back.

The receiving and picking requirements where to be able to pick and pack 500 pieces per hour. These where 10 hour shifts 4 days a week, but the pay would have been perfect and a four hour work week would have been nice, plus plenty of overtime.

Anyway I knew I would not be able to meet those quotas so I decided not to apply. During this time I prayed for Jesus to help me to find other opportunities since i was running into dead ends.

About mid June, one of my co-workers came to me and said he just got a text about a job opening and wanted to know if I would be interested in it since it was in shipping and receiving. He works in QC which is Quality Control so it was not what he was looking for.

The position offered a 4 day work week and $2 per hour more to start than I was currently making.

We were busy at the time and I said I would, but it was 2 days later that I approached him to see if he still had the text and he did so I called the staffing company that was handling the interview process and I put in for it.

They scheduled an interview for July 6th at 9:30AM. We had gone to visit my son and his family in NJ the 4th of July weekend and we came back on the 5th which I had taken off from work so we could avoid the holiday traffic for the 5-1/2 hour ride home.

On the 6th I called in to work and told them I would be late because I had something to take care of. The job interview was less than a 1/4 mile down the street from my current job.

I went to the interview and they said the person doing the interviews was on vacation. I called the staffing company that set this up and they were not aware that he was on vacation and was going to re-schedule the interview, when the security person there told me they had someone else there that could do interviews as well.

The place I was applying at manufactures and ships guns and various other times for defense so security was tight and everything went through the security section.

I ended up having the interview that went very well and went back to work and waited.

When I returned to work I was asked if everything was ok, since I rarely come in late or call out, and I said everything was good. I also got some long looks because when I came into work with my hair cut short. I always kept my hair little long so this was unusual for me. I did this for the purpose of the interview.

I told my wife about the job and what it offered and that it would be a real blessing and an answer to our prayers if I got this job.

Later that night and the next morning when I do my prayers, I prayed to Jesus that if this was were He wanted me to go, then to please open the door and I would go.

My production manager had come to me the following day and I guess they had a feeling that something was up and told me that since hours were being cut and other people were looking for other jobs, that she wanted me to be honest with them and to let them know if I was looking or planning to move on.

I told her I would.

The next day was a Friday, and I felt compelled by that little voice to inform them that I had an interview and that I might be giving notice sometime next week. The voice within me was telling me to be honest about what I was doing was very persistent, so towards the end of the day, I went in and told them. She thanked me for being honest and would have to notify our business administrator who had at that time left for the day.

The following Monday I got called into the business admins office and she asked me what was going on. I told her about the job offer I applied for and was waiting to hear back from them.

She asked me what they were offering and I told her $2 per hour more than I was making now, a 4 day work week and 40 hours minimum with overtime.

She looked at me and said, okay you got it. She immediately gave me a $2 an hour raise and a guarantee of 40 hours per week minimum and said my hours were never to be cut.

She said she would not be able to offer the 4-day work week, however.

So I went back to work feeling pretty good but at the same time uneasy because I still had not heard if I actually got the other job or not.

A couple of days later after not hearing anything my wife told me to call the staffing agency to see if they heard anything. Before I could do that the staffing company called me and asked if I heard about the job offer and if I had received the position., I said I had not heard anything and they said that they received notice from the company not to send anymore applicants because the job was filled.

My wife told me they must have filled the position from inside since the staffing agency was not aware of who got the position.

I know that when you give your heart and your life to Jesus, that he will bless you more and more as you grow closer to Him.

A Special Friendship between my current wife, my ex-wife and myself
During my first marriage my wife and myself had attended a church and we gave ourselves to Jesus and we went through the Baptism of water. Unfortunately we did not keep Jesus in our lives like we should have and we did not attend church on a regular basis.

Even though we were born again we failed to do our part as born again believers. We ended up having serious family problems and issues and our marriage did not last.

I am very thankful though, that my first wife Helena and I were able to remain as friends and my current wife Nancy and my first wife Helena became very close friends as well.

When my first wife Helena died due to health related problems, my youngest son John was distraught with grief over the loss of his mother and he asked my wife Nancy if she could say a few words for his mother.

My wife Nancy gave a very wonderful and heartfelt eulogy at her funeral. It brought me and I'm sure others to tear up at various times.

Jesus helps us when disaster strikes
Most recently in April 2015, we had a disaster happen with our pool.

We have a 24'x 16' Gibraltar pool with a deck around it and it is 5 feet deep in the deep end and 3 feet in the low end. It is above ground except for a section of the deep end which is slightly below ground.

We had bought a new tarp this last winter to cover the pool and over the winter as it filled with ice, snow and rain it got too heavy and the weight of it as it sunk into the pool got to be too much for one of the sides and it feel apart.

My wife called me at work distraught about it but I had no real idea how bad until I got home. When I saw it, it was bad. One of the 24' sides totally disconnected at the corners and the whole 24' section fell over and the decking tore in half and the fencing was mangled.

After some serious praying for assistance, help and guidance from our Lord Jesus, my wife and I with some assistance from my wife's aunt Della, we were able to get the pool back together and we finally got to start using it in August.

It took about 5 months to get it back together but we never could have done it without the help our our Lord Jesus. He provided us the knowledge, resources, patience and blessing to get it all done.

Every-time I look at the pool now, I see an actual physical blessing before my eyes and I thank Jesus everyday in my morning prayers for helping us the way He did to get the pool back as close to how it should be, as we possibly could. Thank you Jesus, because this is solid proof that with God anything is possible.

Jesus helped us when our car needed work
On Aug. 19th 2016, my wife used the car while I was at work. When she picked me up and we were going home I noticed the battery light on the dash came on. I asked her if she noticed it before and she said no.

As we got off the highway we decided to go to the auto parts store to have them check the system to see if it was the battery or the alternator that was going bad.

It turned out to be the alternator. My wife asked the person at the auto parts store if our mechanic was still buying his parts from them and was this alternator theirs and if ti had a warranty.

The guy said our mechanic was not buying as much from them as he used to and that the alternator in our car was not theirs.

We had our mechanic put this alternator on the car in Oct 2015, so it was just less than a year and it was now no good.

So we drove the car home so I could get in touch with our mechanic to see if he would be able to work on it the next day which was Saturday and while we were driving it was making a load humming noise so we knew it wasn't going to be long and the car was going to lose all power.

As I backed into the spot in our driveway, the car flat-lined and was now dead. I called our mechanic and left a message about our situation. Problem was is that we only have one car to use to get around and it was now dead.

That morning when I got up about 5AM, and as I was saying my prayers, which I do everyday to start my day, I had prayed to my Lord Jesus, that if I had to work on the car, if He would give me the patience, knowledge, guidance and resources to be able to repair the car successfully and to help me to control my feelings of frustration and anger that in the past when i would work on a car for any reason, would over whelm me into being a person not fit to be around.

About 8 AM Saturday morning our mechanic called and said he was not working that day, he was going to spend the day with his daughter, but he said he would call the auto store where he had bought the alternator to see if they would honor the warranty if I brought the alternator in to them.

He called back and said they would. Now I was faced with a dilemma. I'm not a mechanic and we did not have a car available to take the part to the store to get a new one. But I remembered my prayer and I had a calming feeling that I could do this without any problems as long as I kept Jesus and His words that He will provide in my thoughts.

I went on u-tube to get some ideas of changing the alternator and I asked my mechanic if there was anything I needed as far as special tools to do the job. I have the basic wrenches and sockets so I did have something to work with.

He did say I might need a special tool to loosen the belt so i could put the new alternator on or i could use a socket wrench.

Anyway I went out to work on the car and while I was doing that our neighbor across the street was pulling out of his driveway and I flagged him down to see if he could help me in a little while to go to the store to get the new alternator and he said he could.

So while I went back to taking the old alternator off, my wife's aunt shows up to see how things are going. It turned out that my wife was talking to her last night after we got home and told her our situation, so she decided to stop by to see if she could be of any help.

It turned out to be a real blessing because now I was able to use her car to go get the new alternator, since she said she would stay until I had finished working on the car.

I got the alternator off and took it to the auto parts store and exchanged it for a new alternator. As I was leaving I mentioned that I hoped this would go back on as easy as it came off because I wanted to avoid getting aggravated and using any choice words, which I was able to avoid so far.

One guy behind the counter,(he was the driver who delivered parts), said sometimes you need to say a few choice words to make things work.

I told him I was giving up on that because I was now going to church on a regular basis and that I wanted to clean up my act to be a better person and abetter Christian.

The other guy behind the counter said he had given up on using choice words such as bad language as well and we both said and agreed that in learning more about Jesus we have been able through him to see our lives changing for the better.

He then told me that he was not just the manager of the store, but he is a pastor as well. We talk briefly about our churches and then I left to go and put the new alternator on our car.

As I was trying to put the alternator on the car I was having trouble loosening the belt so I could put it on. My mechanic had said I may need a special tool to use on the tension pulley or I could possibly use a socket wrench. I tried the socket wrench and it was not .

Also while I was doing this, I noticed a drip of water coming down off a metal pipe that came from the bottom of the water pump. This pipe ran from the bottom of the water pump, and curved towards the front of the car under the pulley's and belts and attached to a larger rubber hose that connected to the bottom of the radiator.

The drip of water was new, since the ground was not that wet, so it apparently had just started to drip. I had noticed for a while before all this, that when I parked the car and walked around the front I could very faintly smell anti-freeze, but I could not see where it was coming from. Now I found out. This pipe was apparently starting to slowly leak from the o-ring.

So now I need to find out where I could get this special tool to loosen the belt so I could put the alternator on and I had to find out where I could get this pipe. I looked on the computer and found out the pipe was called the water return pipe.

I called several auto parts stores and found the tool and some info on the pipe and left to pick it up. When I got there I asked them about the pipe and they had printed 2 pictures of the pipe and wanted to know if our water system was oil cooled or not. I had no idea, but they also said they did not have the pipe in stock but their other stores in the next town over, about 30 minutes away, did.

I bought the tool and took the pictures they printed out with me so I could go and find out what kind of pipe I actually had. As I left that store, I noticed I was passing the store I was at earlier, where I picked up the alternator and I saw that it was 12:40 and that they would be closing in 20 minutes, and I felt that persistent voice (which I know is God was talking to me), tell me to pull in and check em out, so I quickly pulled in, just to check to see if they had the pipe.

I asked the man (who was also the Pastor), behind the counter about the pipe and showed him the print out I got and he said he had them both in stock. (Thank You Lord Jesus). I then called my mechanic to see if he knew if my system was oil cooled or not and he wasn't 100% sure, but he didn't think it was and the Pastor behind the counter said most cars are not. So I bought the pipe that was not for the oil cooled system and went home and the first thing I did was to look and check which pipe I had and I had the right one.

Anyway,I got the car fixed in record time for my level of experience and I was able to complete the whole job without my usual aggravation and anger and everything worked out just right with no problems or major set backs.

I then realized just how well things can work out, even when faced with unfortunate obstacles, when you start the day Praying to Jesus, and during your Prayers you ask for His help, guidance and assistance for the tasks you are faced with for the day, and as you go about your day and are faced with situations, you should stop and ask Jesus for guidance and to tell you and lead you in the direction He wants you to go.

Jesus answers another prayer of mine
During the first week of October, my dad came up from Florida to visit my wife and I, and during his visit we went to church on Sunday. My dad doesn't go to church on a regular basis so this was good for us to do and it is what my wife and I do every Sunday.

After church service our pastor has a time where people can come up to the front to be prayed for. Our pastor will ask what need or concerns you may have and he, along wit our prayer team members will lay their hands on the person and they will pray to Jesus for them.

My wife went up for some prayer and my dad asked me what she was doing and I told him she had some concerns that she wanted prayer for.

While we sat there waiting, I asked my dad if there was anything he wanted prayer for and he said no, he was good.

My wife in the meantime came back and sat down after she had her concerns prayed for and while we were watching others who were going up to be prayed for I got up and decided to have some of my concerns prayed for as well.

While I was standing in line thinking about the things I wanted to be prayed for, I also, thought about my dad and hoping that he would come to know Jesus himself and to be saved. I found myself thinking about how my dad needs salvation and I found myself tearing up and lightly crying to Jesus while I was in line asking Jesus to open my dads heart and to touch him so he could make that decision to want to know Him or to at least plant the seed that could in time bring my dad to make the decision to accept Jesus into his life.

A few minutes later my dad came up and stood next to me in line and said he wanted to have some prayers for my mom who is still in Florida and was not able to come up to visit us because she is in a nursing home with dementia/Alzheimer and blind due to macular degeneration. My dad visits her and takes her out to eat pretty much every day and takes care of her as much as he can.

When it was our turn to be prayed for our pastor asked my dad what he wanted to be prayed for and he told him about my mom and her health issues and how he misses having her with him all the time. They have been together since high school and married for the last 63 years.

My pastor then asked me what I wanted to have prayer for and instead of me asking for prayers for my concerns, I told him to pray that my dad gets the desire to want to know Jesus and to bring Him into his life.

It's not that I don't need prayers for my concerns, because I do, but I felt it was more important to have prayer for my Dad's salvation. I do pray daily every morning for my concerns and I give thanks daily for all Jesus has done for me and for saving me.

Anyway, my mom and dad were both prayed for, and even though my dad did not make the decision then to accept Jesus into his life, I know the seed was now planted within him and that in time that seed will grow and will hopefully convict my dad into wanting to get to know Jesus and to ask him into his life.

Thank you Jesus for answering another prayer of mine, and that was to have my dad to come forth for prayer and in doing so, having a seed planted within him so that in time he will hopefully make the decision to want to know You (Jesus) as his Lord and Savior and to ask You (Jesus) to come into his life.

All I can do now is to continue to pray for my dad's salvation.

Jesus answers our prayers again
My GOD is an Amazingly Awesome and Wonderful GOD. Thank you my Lord Jesus for the blessing you provided for me and my wife in October and November 2016.

Like so many people in this great country, we run our finances pay check to pay check with very little left over for savings.

However we have been running extremely tighter than usual and over the last several months our little bit in savings has gotten smaller and smaller as we pay our bills each month.

In the beginning of October we were starting to have car issues with a bad wheel bearing and since we are so tight financially we did not have the extra finances to cover the repair.

During my daily prayers that I do every morning, I have been praying to Jesus to help us with our financial situation, such as an increase in work at my job so that all of us at work could receive some needed over-time, or for help in any other way that my Lord may decide to help us with that I have no clue as to what He may decide to do. Another words, I was praying for a financial Miracle.

Well, in the nick of time He answered my prayers. We started to receive over-time at work and we were able to afford to have the wheel bearing fixed along with rear brakes.

Thank you my Lord Jesus for your help and assistance.

Even though I just started to get some over-time at work, we also ran extremely tight with our household finances since our mortgage just went up because of an increase in our taxes.

On 10/31 when I transferred money from my account that I get direct deposit into from work, into the account that we pay our mortgage from, I found that we were short. I also had to transfer what little we had in savings money to cover our mortgage.

We were able to scrap enough to pay our bills and mortgage from the month and to pay our tithing to the church, which we have been doing on a weekly basis.

So after paying our mortgage, bills and tithe for the month we ending up with 0.31 in my checking account, 0.14 in my wife's savings account, 0.48 in my saving account, 0.95 in our money market, and $5.55 in our main checking account for paying bills.

Yup, we were broke, but we are thankful to our Lord that we were able to meet our expenses and responsibility to our church and still have a little left over.

But as I have continued to pray for financial assistance, it turned out that our Good Lord was not going to stop helping us just by providing extra work so we could receive over-time.

During the last week of October, my wife was told by the person who writes out the checks from the church that God was going to bless us financially.

She was told that a person or persons who are to remain anonymous have donated some money to the church and they were instructed by God that this money was to go specifically to us as a financial blessing.

This came to us a a great surprise, relief and blessing that we are extremely thankful to our Lord Jesus.

On 10/31/2016, we received the financial blessing that we were told we would receive and it came right from our Lord Jesus Himself. Wow, Our God is awesome.

Matthew 6:32-34 New King James Version (NKJV)
32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.
33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have Jesus in your life. Not just for the blessings you will receive here in this lifetime, but mostly because you will be building and storing your Treasures for all Eternity in Heaven.

My wife, Nancy and I have been so blessed this past year since we have gotten closer in our relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Another Wonderful Blessing from Our Lord, Jesus
Since we live in cold New England, we do the best to stay warm by picking up pallets from some local businesses and cutting them into pieces to burn in our wood stove. Can't beat free heat. It keeps us warm but it is a lot of work to pick the pallets up and cutting them into burnable pieces.

This year my wife's daughter and son-in-law bought a home with a wood stove as well and we are trying to help them keep warm and save some money on heating costs, so we are supplying wood for both homes.

We have a fair supply of pallets in the side yard, but the supply is running low and the local businesses have not had a large amount of pallets available, like they usually do.

I prayed to my Lord about my concern about our pallet supply running lower faster than usual and wondering if we were going to be able to keep finding enough pallets for both families.

Well, He answered my prayer.

While I was at work, I noticed my production manager gathering boxes of paper to go to the recycling and I asked her if I could take the paper for starting the wood stove.

I also made a mention that I picked up some pallets from a place down the road that morning and that was why I was a few minutes late for work and the secretary asked if I would be interested in getting more pallets and I said I'm always looking for pallets.

She told me her husband worked just down the road at a warehouse and they had a lot of pallets they wanted to get rid of and she got me his phone number and told me she talked with him and that he had 100+/- pallets that I could have.

I talked with him and made arrangements over the next couple of weeks to pick up the pallets and that I will continue to go there on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to pick up any pallets they have.

This goes to prove just how Awesome my Lord Jesus is, in providing for us in our time of need and how He gives us more than we could ever expect. I am so thankful for all that my Lord Jesus is doing for me, not just in this life now, but for all that I know that He is doing and preparing for me when I join Him in Heaven.

My God is an awesome God. Thank you Jesus.

Jesus answers prayers to have successful cataract surgery
My 1st Cataract surgery was done on 9/15/2017. Feeling good, eye sight clearer than before, doctor said it will improve in a few days with healing. I thank Jesus for providing the resources for this to be done and for giving the doctors and nurses the knowledge to do what they do. Praying for Jesus to complete the healing process since He is the only one that provides all healing within us. Best part, I wrote and read this without my glasses. Actually clearer to read through the eye that was operated on than my eye waiting for the surgery in two weeks. Actually can't wait. It's nice to see all that God has created with more clarity. Thank you Jesus, all Praise and Glory to You.

On Wednesday 9/27, my wife was communicating with a friend of ours in England, who is an Evangelist and she asked him to pray for my upcoming cataract surgery on Friday 9/30. He said he will pray, and then a few minutes later after he had gone into prayer, he messaged back to my wife and said that I would have 20/20 vision.

It was such a blessing to have him give us these words that he received from Jesus that my eyes would be healed, giving me 20/20 vision, which is what I and others have been praying for, and my Good Lord Jesus would be answering our prayers.

My 2nd Cataract surgery was finally done on 9/29/2017 on my right eye. On Saturday 9/30, I went to the post-op appointment with the doctor. They said my surgery went well and they gave me an eye test and before I could asked how it turned out, the doctor said "well, you did good, you HAVE 20/20 vision". I just about cried right then and there as I thanked our Good Lord Jesus for giving me 20/20 vision. Jesus answered our prayers and the words that he gave to the Evangelist on Wednesday 9/27, were now confirmed by the doctor.

All Praise and Glory I give to Jesus, our Almighty Father in Heaven. The amazing thing also is that the doctor said my eyes will continue to heal over the next couple of weeks and that my vision will get better as they heal, but Jesus is working ahead of that. Thank you Jesus, no more glasses for me.

I thanked the Doctor for answering his calling to be an eye surgeon and said God gave him an amazing talent... the doctor told me that he believed that God gave him that talent as well. When my wife and I got to the car to leave we were both moved to tears... we are so thankful. Thank you and all Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus.

I would like to ask everyone who has taken the time to read this to please look to the Lord Jesus for your Salvation. Ask Him to come into your heart and into your life as your Lord and Savior. Believe in Him, have Faith in Him, have Trust in Him. He will meet all your needs and He will be there for you at all times. I know this for a fact, because He HAS and IS, there for me at all times. He is waiting for YOU. What are YOU waiting for.

I know and believe without any doubts that, Jesus is Real, Jesus is Alive, Jesus is Here, right now, today watching over all of us, and He wants Me and all of You to come to Him and to be Born Again so that we can all have Eternal Life with Him in Heaven.

Thank you my Lord Jesus for everything You have done and continue to do for me, everyday of my life.

My Lord Jesus, I pray to You right now, that You will open the hearts and minds of everyone who has read this testimonial so that they would hopefully make the decision to ask and receive You into their lives as their Lord and Savoir.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

If you make that decision, then ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins, so that you can receive through His Grace, the Free Gift of Salvation, that he Freely offers to everyone who is willing to accept it and receive it.